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Honeycomb Blinds, Shutters & Venetians
Innovation Inspired By Nature

We aim to be an industry leader in the window covering marketplace with a personalised, innovative and genuine service that people can trust, backed up with a world leading quality product that’s pioneering and sustainable. As a leader we will strive to give back to the community and environment through strategic partnerships and conscious decision making.


Born out of a desire to do better we live through our actions, partnering with Greenfleet to offset our company cars and donate a portion of our profits delivers on that promise. We will offer genuine advice tailored to our customers unique tastes and desires. Leaning on our experience we will provide a knowledgeable, insightful and hands-on experience. Our proposals will always be comprehensive and delivered in a timely manner.


Innovative – In every aspect of our business, from how we source our wood, in how our products are manufactured and in how we offset our emissions.

Sustainability – Our products come from sustainable and FSC certified plantations. Our products are manufactured in a world leading vertically integrated facility that promotes efficiency and reduces unnecessary waste.

Genuine – Honest advice and heartfelt understanding of our customers unique tastes and desires.

Integrity – We deliver on our promises and have industry leading support warranties to back up our products. We have always seen integrity as the simplest way, say what you’re going to do and do what you said you were going to do.

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