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Vertical Blinds
The new alternative to vertical panel blinds
The perfect replacement for outdated vertical blinds, these never fail to impress.  Goodbye dangerous beads and cords, trip hazards and mouldy panels, hello sophisticated, functional and energy-saving vertical honeycomb! These blinds are especially suited to larger door openings, with a maximum span of 7.4m and operate effortlessly along a top track with no need for additional tracks along the floor.

Most Popular Colours
Bright WhiteChampagneCloud WhiteCottonDuskGlacier WhiteMarshmellowMicaNightfallTitanium
  • Perfect for sliding and stacking doors
  • Secured on a top rail - no tracks on the bottom to trip over
  • Child and pet-friendly, award-winning design
  • Anti-static - dust is actively repelled away from the blind
  • 3 year no questions asked warranty
  • Lifetime manufacturers warranty (please refer to warranty page for full details)
  • Energy saving
  • available in sheer, light-filtering or room darkening fabric and day-and-night option
  • lightweight and easy to operate
  • can be fitted inside or onto window reveal
  • Simple DIY installation available
  • Professional installation available in SE Queensland and Sydney areas.

Inspired by nature, honeycomb blinds combine unique cell design and advanced materials to delivery superior insulation.  The design, similar to double-glazing, works to creat an air pocket to reduce heat-loss in winter and heat gain in summer, thereby reducing air-conditioning and heating costs.

According to the Department of Environment and Energy, 87% of heat gain comes directly from sunlight transferring through uncovered windows and doors. In the same study they showed that in winter, 40% of of your home's heating is lost through closed uncovered windows.

As you can see in the table below, choosing honeycomb shades can reduce your energy costs by as much as 34%! For maximum energy retention, the room darkening/blockout fabric delivers the most energy efficient product in our range.

Whilst using honeycomb blinds on your windows reduces your carbon footprint, Apiary is proud to offer all customers the option to fully offset your purchase as well. Together we can make a difference to our planet.

Vertical honeycombs can be used on virtually any style of sliding or stacking door.

Offering a variety of stacking options from centre-opening, one-side stacking, travelling centre, they offer versatility to ensure you achieve exactly what you need.

If child and pet safety is a concern in your home, and you don't want to see any dangling cords, the motorised operating system meets these criteria as there are no dangling cords from the sides of the blind.

Apiary offer over 350 different fabrics ranging from soft tones to designer patterns. It is worth noting that light-filtering and room darkening fabrics have a white backing fabric so from the outside of your home or apartment there is a uniform style across all windows. They are also suitable in apartment blocks whose body corporate require a white outward-facing fabric. We offer a limited selection of colours for online quoting but should you have a specific colour requirement please contact us for more information. Top and bottom rails are available in a range of colours to complement the blinds and your style.

All fabrics are made from unwoven polyester with cells which are designed to bounce back into shape. The anti-static properties of the fabric repels dust away from the blinds, resulting in minimal cleaning.

Fabrics come in a range of transparencies - sheer, light-filtering and room darkening (blockout). Sheer fabrics block as little as 49.9% of UV light, offering a screened view and a degree of daylight privacy. Light-filtering fabrics allow light to enter the room and have a range of UV transmission, creating softer lighting for any room in the home. The foil-lined room darkening fabrics are great in bedrooms and west-facing windows which bear the brunt of the afternoon sun, blocking 100% UV transmission.

Sheer: 49.9% – 71.5% UV Blockage
Light Filtering: 88% – 97% UV Blockage
Room Darkening: 100% UV Blockage

Fabric cell sizes vary from 25mm single cell, 45mm single and double cell, 62mm single and double cell. Generally we recommend the smaller cells on small windows and the larger cells on larger windows. Our best seller is the 45mm single cell which fits perfectly into most window reveals.

We are currently offering in-home design consultations in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Sydney areas for you to see the full range of fabrics. If you are outside these areas please contact us as samples can be sent directly to your home to enable you to choose the fabric which suits your house best.

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How to measure?
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Cell thickness :
Our Honeycomb blinds come in various thicknesses or honeycomb cell sizes. Simply choose how thick you prefer your blinds to be.

Light Filtering: 88% – 97% UV Blockage Room Darkening: 100% UV Blockage


Most Popular Colours
There are 350 colours available, if you can’t see what you need leave it unchecked or select the closest option and have a chat to us.

How to measure ×
Outside Mount

Measure from left to right and top to bottom at the outside edges of the architrave

Inside Mount

Measure from left to right and top to bottom inside the window reveal

This is the window reveal. When measuring for inside-mount, please note the depth of your reveals, taking into consideration any window handles, locks or mullions which extend into the reveal