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ATTENTION: Cleaning Products Australia National Cleaning Supplies and Covid 19

What’s is it?

Cleaning Products Australia in affiliation with commercial cleaning services have been working hard to find solutions that will benefit people and industries such as transport, retail, hospitality, gyms and other facility sectors that have been suffering loss since the Covid Pandemic. We want to help businesses bring their communities back to life with confidence that they are able to function effectively and visit their favourite venues with confidence.
The difference

While some of these damages we've all experienced are irreparable, there is a new normal we must adapt to if we are to come away strong on the other side. Responsibility for the suppression of viral and bacterial spread is now a common courtesy and facilitating this at properties could be the difference between your custom returning or going elsewhere, where their new expectations are met.
The solution

So Cleaning Products Australia is proud to present Sanitisation Stations that we are bringing to market but also giving away & delivering FOR FREE to commercial sites! a solution to help facilities protect & secure their communities again... 

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