Kolorado is an exquisite combination of selected grapes from France and traditional Indian Herbs. It has delicate Cognac Aroma with hints of fruit. The brandy has silky body, and is mind blowingly smooth when siped “ON THE ROCKS” with ice.

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Posted by Frosted Kolorado Brandy on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

History of Frosted Kolorado Brandy

Brandy¬†is the name used for diversity of potable spirits, made mostly from grape wines but sometimes also from other fruits. The name brandy is shortened form of brandywine, which comes from the Dutch word brandewijn, “brandewijn” (“burnt wine“), which is how the straightforward Dutch traders who introduced it to Northern Europe from Southern France and Spain in the 16th century described wine that had been “burnt,” or boiled, in order to distill it.


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History of Frosted Kolorado Brandy

Brandy Features

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Brandy, like many other spirits should never be a rushed experience regardless of whether you choose to sip it or drink ...


It has a very unique aroma that makes your senses feel the herbs


The bottle is different from the normal shapes to give it a classy feel and create a unique experience when opening the ...

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