Provincial Assessor’s Office

The Office of the Provincial Assessor is responsible in ensuring the property appraisal for taxation purposes is accurate.


Services offered:

  • Verifies numbers and cancels FAAS and Tax Declarations and Bookbinding
  • Supervises and monitors projects implemented
  • Printing of revised TMCR
  • Encoding/Printing of FAAs and TDs
  • Prepares reports, vouchers, payrolls, certifications etc.
  • Updating and maintaining of personnel records and assessment records
  • Progressive revision on real property assessment
  • Filing and safekeeping of taxmapping records
  • Prepares/updates taxmaps and TMCRs
  • Monitors, evaluates and assists the conduct of maintenance of TM/ assessment/ other relevant records
  • Updating LRPUs on the tax maps and TMCR
  • Scanning of subdivision plans in computer


Provincial Assessor’s Office Head: Noel S. Parcasio