Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office

Responsible for the management and maintenance of ecological balance within the jurisdiction and enforcement of forestry laws limited to community-based project, fishery laws, mining laws, pollution control laws, and implementation of Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 and other laws on the protection of the environment.


Services offered:


  • Prepare project designs, implements projects
  • Prepares/submits project proposal
  • Prepares/consolidates accomplishment/financial reports
  • Prepares PPMP/ASPP
  • Prepares Cash Disbursement Forecast
  • Prepares payrolls, vouchers, PRs, communications
  • Processes vehicle and motorcycle registration and insurance
  • prepares communications (letters, endorsements)
  • Attends/conducts seminars, meetings and conferences in the different municipalities, provincial, regional, sectoral and NGOs


Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office Head: Madelyn C. Birondo