Simple Organisation.
Value Based Efficiencies.
Powerful Communications.

The management of your most critical organisational & communicative pathways.

Pages Network is a simple to use CRM that your staff will love, not loath. It leans heavily towards bulk comms and sorting your team into efficient, value based follow up.

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SETUP - Pages Network is designed with simplicity & flexibility at its core. To setup an account, setup your users details & permissions &/or sync your contacts or import your contact spreadsheets.
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ADOPTION - Nothing worse than a CRM that staff find difficult to use or time consuming to input data. Your staff will only need to understand 2 core page functions. Sign up to get started for free.
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VALUE ADDING - what’s the good of a CRM if it slows you down? Your CRM should create efficiencies and then compound on them. Spend your teams TIME/VALUE/PROBABILITY effectively.
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The (Bulk) CRM

Account Management - The very idea of a CRM is in its name; “customer relationship management”. But a CRM needs to be so much more than storing your client data and reporting on where a prospect within your pipeline is at. It should be the centre point of your business and absorb as much of your complexities as possible while allowing you to control it in an incredibly simple interface. This is why The Pages Network team have given users access to infinite storage as part of our basic and affordable pricing models. We want you to integrate everything that YOU need to make your life easier including collating all your data into one area if that helps you and allowing your team and/or network to do the same. Combining everything into one platform, helping people to maximise their single resource for organisation.
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Business System Integration - We know you already have a system, we don't want to change that. We know many of you have tried CRM’s before and ultimately failed to integrate your business fully into it or failed to get traction from your staff. It’s not good enough! Pages Network delivers simplicity that makes it easy to setup the way you want it (its not complicated at all) and that anybody can very quickly understand the basic operations and also very easily understand its advantages. No more clicking here, clicking there, clicking over here to here to there to everywhere to manage a function. Operations are just handled from 1. the home page… 2. the item page. We even have a webpage herein with videos to assist you in understanding the setup which in a nutshell, is check boxing permissions as you setup users, creating categories, creating message templates if you want them and putting together your spreadsheet into specified columns to import your existing data. Sound good?
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Communications - Modernisation is fantastic but it can create an overwhelming platform if a CRM is trying to do too much or be too many different things. Pages Network isn’t going to manage your social media ads or website developments, should it have to? Why pay month in month out for a plan that does this when your marketing plans may change, you may just need the one landing page not one every month and maybe you should be getting specific professional advice for your website developments. Why pay us for this when there’s already many specialist platforms including Facebook itself for example to take care of it there. The intent of Pages Network is to manage your data and comms such that it assists you to easily control where your priorities are situated and push information in the right directions at the right times. However our intent is also to help you to connect out from Pages Network CRM to any other specialist platform that you need.
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The 6 Core Functions

CRM Overview Demo - You probably don’t need to speak to our CRM sales team but you can if you need to! Anytime. Our support channels are free. Hop into this quick demo video to get a rundown on the CRM and the rest is super easy! Dive in! It’s free forever so why not? And feel free to contact us for a 1 on 1 demo.
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CRM Setup How To - You probably don’t need to speak to our CRM sales team but you can if you need to! Anytime. Our support channels are free. Hop into this quick demo video to get a rundown on the CRM and the rest is super easy! Dive in! It’s free forever so why not? And feel free to contact us for a 1 on 1 demo.
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CRM Operations How to - Once you’ve had quick look at the Overview Demo, and signed in… Which is FREE forever check out this Setup Demo and you will be a master in no time! Setup your CRM the way you want. Import a file and have a play to see if it has the feel that we know your are tentative about finding!
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Pricing - Well, aside from being FREE forever, we do have some plans and options which are not free but definitely hovering in the low end of the cost scale from what our research has shown us. For this detail you will need to click through to our pricing page so that you can see the inclusions properly. It’s very clear and easy to digest so that you have a clear idea of costs as you scale.
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Partner - We are currently running a partnership arrangement where by you can get a 5% commission for anyone using your ID to register a new account. You just need to register your paypal details and invite your social networks to use the CRM. Then sit back and wait for the gravy train to come home. Full terms can be seen here…
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Contact - Contact us anytime, we’d be happy to hear from you and happy to discuss your specific needs and how we can help you to achieve your optimum outcome within the optimum timeframe and start compounding those sales faster!
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At the end of the day, we are helping people to simplifying their data & multiply processes with automation. Did you know that 91% of business with 10 or more employees use a CRM? Is their success because of this?

Which Plan Is For Me?

Initiate - Initiating your CRM is free and you can do that without using your credit card. Just dive in and play around. If you decide not to use it we may delete the account after 121 days of inactivity though. Keep using it and its free for life currently.
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Plan - We have a few plans. This is where we establish that you are a more serious user and so we essentially measure how much storage and processing power you need to be everything you can be. Keep in mind you only need to pay one low/flat storage fee for your entire company of users if you like, and they will all get use of the infinite storage plan.
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Messaging - Here’s another component of measurement since managing messaging at scale is not simple. It costs us money to manage it and drive it successfully. So there’s some pricing options here also. The great news is, it’s highly affordable when compared to the market and its not limited to email. You can use email or sms just as easily and run your campaigns any way you like.
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Users - Theres a basic monthly fee per ADDITIONAL user. The initial user is FREE for life.
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