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Lots of reasons to work with us

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Modern materials & systems
  • Flexible team & schedules
  • Highly experienced, friendly staff
  • Priced to win

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Our friendly electricians love to impress with fast quotes, timely service, competitive pricing, exemplary communication, efficient electrical workmanship, tidy sites and easy transactions. Talk to us today, we are ready to assist with any query.

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Need a quick quote today?

After a quick quote? No problem, give us a quick call and we will see what we can do! Often a site visit is required by one of our electricians so we can quickly arrange a time that suits you or assist us with access details and we will head over to take a look and get back to you swiftly with the problem, the solution, the cost for electrical repairs and how quickly it can be completed for you. We are confident that you will be happy with our quote in comparison to the market, our speed of service and our expert electrical advice.

Common Issues We See

Here's a few issues we commonly see so you can be aware of what to lookout for.

Some common issues we see are:

1. Customers sweltering in the heat or running the expense of airconditioning when a ceiling fan would do wonders in the space

2. Insufficient power to a region in the house which uses a surplus of power points can result in overloads and power shutting down.

3. Customers lacking knowledge around smoke alarms, how to maintain them to ensure they are effective safety tools and we often see important parts of the property like the laundry without a smoke alarm fitted; which could mean the difference between and big problem and a much smaller problem if alerted much sooner.

Solutions We Offer

Every problem needs a great solution!

Often a straight fix is not the optimum solution for a property. At Ampower our electricians consider the presentation and saleability of a property, the aesthetics, longevity and convenience for future upgrades or maintenance. With all things considered we will refer to the customer to ensure we are covering their bases and making the optimum electrical solution for them. We can assist with servicing electricians, consultations, assessments and quoting as well as installations, smoke alarms, repairs & maintenance on switchboards, ceiling fans, power-points, lighting, and surge protection. For your residential &/or your commercial premises, Ampower is a sound choice for your electrical works.


We are flexible, reliable and offer competitive pricing.

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