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Tournament Info

Here's The Deal:

On Feb 18 we will reset the TrivTrak scoreboard

On Feb 19 we will start the new Harpoon Tournament

Play at your usual weekly spot
Create or Join your team
Earn points by placing in the top 4 every week at your venue with the following point system:

1st Place: 10pts
2nd Place: 7pts
3rd Place: 5pts
4th Place: 3pts
Show up, play and finish the game: 1pt

Follow your teams stats all season

The Top Team at every location will win custom tee shirts from Harpoon
The Top 4 teams at every location will be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE as well as all Top 25 teams

CHANCES to win the Grand Prize will be issued based on placement in the following way:
At Venue
1st - 3 chances
2nd - 2 chances
3rd - 1 chance
4th - Invitation to finale where you will get 1 chance for showing up and can win more chances
**All teams that show up will receive an extra chance** **All teams will have opportunities at Wolf's to WIN extra chances by answer Trivia Questions** STEP 4: THE POST TOURNAMENT PARTY

We will drink some beer, with HARPOON BREWING COMPANY, with every registered player after the tournament where we will also draw for the Grand Prize


8 Tickets to see the RedSox play the Orioles
8 VIP Tickets to Harpoon Fest in Boston
Overnight Accommodations for 8 in Boston

During the tournament all decisions by local hosts are final.
Have fun.
play hard!