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Cleaning Service Specialising in Commercial & Office Cleaning for Greater Brisbane

Core Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

Zoom Services are weekly office cleaning specialists and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on every single visit.

We can accommodate with daily, weekly or less frequent office cleaning services and even have a property sanitisation service whereby we completely eradicate bacteria and virus from surfaces throughout the office.

We have many testimonials which attest to our conviction, that we are one of Brisbane’s longer standing, quality office cleaning services which can actually deliver on their promise of consistent cleaning services and on-going friendly customer service and support.

We don’t want to hear from you about your cleaning results, we want you to hear from us!

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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning is a market that has become quite tough and competitive which can mean that its difficult to come by a service that simply respects old fashioned values and can cut through all that noise to deliver a quality service.

While we need to remain competitive we also understand our obligations to deliver what we promise so we strive to achieve that first and foremost for each and every commercial cleaning site every day.

We will staff your site with staff not sub-contractors. Our internal management team will be the ones managing your facility not a sub-contractor. We have tight controls on our people, standards and expectations which shows and is how we manage to get such great testimonials time and time again from our major clients and smaller clients alike!

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3 Reasons to Zoom!

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Checklisted Cleaning

Why Do We Checklist?

In our 15 years of service we’ve learnt a few things and the main contributor to an on-going and consistent service, we have found to be the check-listing process for the cleaners and supervisors and it works for any commercial facility or office. We have found that having the cleaners submit a physically checked list of tasks executed and noting any issues next to each task allows us to visualise the cleaners experience as well as the factor of accountability.

From there we can be in front of any issues before they become an issue for the client. It also assists us to have a conversation piece with our team while conducting either a scheduled or random supervision check and toolbox talks at the office or commercial site.

Ultimately, this system helps us to maintain strong communications surrounding the day-to-day site experience and avoid the customer needing to prompt us with issues from any given days cleaning service because we are already aware of it and have already dealt with it before the doors open for trade.

The Process

The key to designing a quality checklist is to:

  1. not make assumptions of a sites specifications, listen very carefully to the site managers specific requirements and ensure every detail is built into a simple, easy to absorb list of tasks.
  2. Ensure the frequency of tasks is sufficient to cover the clients needs but also to utilise our 15 years of experience to ensure we are advising and making recommendations surrounding the most suitable frequency for tasks so that we cant stay within or better the budget for the cleaning the site.
  3. Ensure the critical detail is coupled with the costing plan so that we can be sure to hit the nail on the head with the time requirements for cleaning the property.

The Checklist Items

During our initial walk through we are mindful of:

  • Safety, Security & Access
  • Property Sanitisation
  • Critical External, Entry & Signage Cleaning
  • Dusting & Webs
  • Bins & Liners, Waste Facility Processes, Environment
  • Internal VS External Window Washing Rotations
  • Desk Cleaning Approach
  • Items Requiring To Be Shifted
  • Floor Materials, Procedures, Frequencies, Environment
  • Bathroom Cleaning Processes & Consumable Types
  • Kitchen Cleaning Processes & Consumable Types
  • Desk Tidy or Washing Up Requirements
  • Corporate & Board Rooms Detail Requirements
  • Special Areas & Frequencies
  • Periodic Tasks & Processes
Header Image Two - Our Staffs

Our Cleaning Staff

Our People

Lets face it! Our cleaners are our business! Without a fantastic crew of cleaners, (and some of which have been with us since 2005 when we started) we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Our cleaners are our staff, they get a fair deal, they return the favour with quality, reliable cleaning execution.

Our staff are professional in communication levels with your site staff, experts in materials management, site safety & security as well as environmentally friendly processes.


Because we don’t have a very large staff turnover we can afford to put a large amount of focus into any new staff member we on-board. First they must have an excellent track record. Then they work alongside one of our best cleaners to get an idea of the Zoom expectations.

Our supervisors have a strict set of training and trials in line with our check-listing, communications, site safety, security processes which are required to be 100% understood before working in a stand-alone role.


Many office and commercial facility managers we speak to mention to us the issues they have encountered with not being able to retain their quality cleaning staff. Often this is due to the swinging door of sub-contractor relationships that many principle contractors in the cleaning industry are facing.

We tend to attract the highly experience cleaners with certified levels of experience that are actually career cleaners often and quite happy doing so under an award scenario.

Why Choose Zoom Services
Header Image Three - Our Quality


Scheduled Supervision

We DO schedule our inspections however the cleaners don't know that! We like to turn up to a site unannounced to ensure the clean is being conducted at the right time of day with the appropriate materials, processes and personnel.

After an inspection we like to stay in touch to let you know how things went and if there were any minor details to cross check with you.

The frequency of the inspection will depend on the frequency or value of the service and can be discussed further when we meet in person on site.

Cleaning Supervision Costs

There are no costs involved in our supervisory services; it’s all part of the cleaning service. We will take care of everything.

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Commercial Cleaning FAQ's

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